Why does this keep happening

I’ve been to my urologist and primary care physician about my “ED” except it’s not ED. It’s performance anxiety. Something happened the first time we tried to have sex (8 months ago) and since then it’s been a roller coaster. Took several months to get through the anxiety…was fine for a few months…and now back to the same spot. I can get hard easily but as soon as I move for penetration…my heart rate jumps to 150 BPM I break out in a full fight or flight. Then I go soft. It’s so embarrassing and I feel like a failure. She’s been so great and supportive but 50% of the time (or more) I can do it even though she’s begging me to be inside.

Need to be more committed to the MOJO plan…but I find that box breathing during an “attack” makes me even more disconnected.



I definitely recommend talking to your doc about propranolol. It’s used specifically for performance anxiety. It won’t cure your anxiety but it will greatly help with those physical symptoms. It will keep your heart rate normal and keep other fight or flight symptoms at bay. I tried a combo of low dose propranolol and sildenafil and it was an absolute winning combination.


Did you continue taking cialis or propranolol or stopped after some times?

For me, it’s partially performance issues, but also my ptsd, which, I believe, has over stimulated my fight or fight for so long that I almost can’t get out of it.

Full disclosure, I take propranolol for regular anxiety as needed and I didn’t talk to my doc about using the combo. The main concern is how the two interact and influence blood pressure. Higher doses can make your BP drop too low. The dosage I took was perfectly safe and I felt great. 10mg propranolol and 25mg sildenafil. I’ve had sildenafil be ineffective when anxiety was high. The propranolol took the edge off enough to allow my body to relax and for the sildenafil to do it’s thing. It was probably the hardest erection I’ve had, my girlfriend said it felt like a hard toy. Next time I’m going to trial 20mg propranolol and 25mg sildenafil. Another concern is, anecdotally I’ve heard higher doses of propranolol can potentially weaken erections or contribute to ED, but if you know your problem is anxiety, it will definitely help.

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Also, most of my anxiety is around new partners and group sex. I will likely continue using this combo during those times, just gotta find the right dose for me. I rarely have issues with my girlfriend or with someone I’m comfortable with. But either way, anxiety is an erection killer.

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Have you tried emdr therapy?

Oh my bad, sildenafil is viagra, I thought it was tadalafil

I tried it. It wasn’t successful. I will get erections at the strangest times. My wife says it’s when im not in my head.

Just talked to my doctor and he’s calling in an Rx for propranolol…really hope this works. Thanks for the recommendation.

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That was fast. Nice job! Let us know how it works for ya.

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What off the counter medicine could be an alternative for propranolol?
I’m also having mainly performance anxiety, so some low dose, easy to pick up medicine could help out…