Performance Anxiety and Propranolol

Have been struggling with PA for months….no problem getting hard but when it’s time for penetration, I go soft. My heart races and I’m in full fight or flight. MOJO app helped a bit…but I talked to my dr about propranolol.

Took a dose last night about an hour before bedtime. I started rubbing her back and got hard almost immediately. In the past, if I started to think about penetration…the anxiety would kick in immediately. Not last night!! The propranolol totally took the edge off!! I was able to penetrate and have good sex. Total game changer.

I don’t want to become dependent on it….just using it to get over the hump (pun intended) but it was totally worth talking to my dr about it.

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What is propranolol

It’s a beta blocker often prescribed for performance anxiety. People take it for anxious moments like when presenting or public speaking…or for PA in the bedroom. It totally brought my heart rate down and too lmk my mind off the anxiety driven thoughts

Are there’re any side effect like with an ssri? I’ve started to realize lately that I might have legitimate anxiety that could use a diagnosis but I’m extremely terrified of the the meds from all the horrors stories I hear. Besides I’ve got enough problems with getting hard in the first place not having a sex drive is the last thing I need :joy:. I’ve hear about beta blockers and I feel like that more in my ballpark since I don’t feel I need medication all the time juts something to help smooth flair ups it I do wonder if there’s a catch and if you experience one at all.

I did a little research yesterday based off this guy’s post about beta blockers and found a few studies/people discussing Hawthorne as an anti anxiety herb. Looks to address some of the elements of performance anxiety like beta blockers do.

I’m going to give it a shot and see what happens.

Could it be Venous leak?

Could what be a venous leak?

Hi. Having read your post, I thought I’d check out Propranolol and I discovered that it can actually make ED worse, so go carefully, my friend.

No problems if it’s performance anxiety. If actual physical ED it MAY be an issue. But for psychological…it works like a charm