Relationship better than ever, ED is worse

I’m in a 20 year relationship with my wife. I’ve had ED issues on and off for various reasons. We just went through a rough period in our relationship, but overcame it and we feel closer than ever.

On top of that, my wife has recently lost a lot of weight, starting wearing sexier clothes, and has been wanting kinkier sex. All of which is basically a dream come true. But of course, I suddenly developed crippling performance anxiety. We attempted sex 4 or 5 times and I failed to get it up or keep it up. I’ve been open and honest with her and she’s been supportive. I’ve learned and tried every visualization/relaxation exercise in the book, and I’m still struggling. I’m hoping this course gets me past this. Anyone experience something like this? Advice?

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I’ve had the same problem. All performance anxiety. Talked to my dr and he prescribed propranolol, a beta blocker used for performance anxiety. (Most people who take it are afraid of public speaking, etc)

Took my first dose the other night and it worked like a charm! Completely took the edge off…no fight or flight issue. Talk to your doctor about it. It’s super cheap and definitely effective!

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I hadn’t heard of propranolol… how fascinating that it made a difference! Thanks for sharing your experience with it.

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I have an appointment with my psychiatrist coming up soon. I had heard about this drug before and will bring it up with him.

Is this taken daily or just in times of need. Very interesting would definitely look into it!

It sounds as though you have both been working hard on your relationship, which is great. I am wondering have you been able to talk about the intimate parts of it. It’s important in long term relationships to re negotiate all areas. You could perhaps try couples sensate , take penetration out of things for a while. Some Couples therapy might be really helpful at this time and a great investment. Communication will be key. Good luck : )

Here’s a tip that worked for me:
Tilt your hip forward and position it in line with your core/body. When you do this you should notice an extension of your penis making it look even longer. Test your posture by tilting your hip backward and forward engaging your glutes without contracting them too much. Once you find the sweet spot (the optimal position of your hips) your erections should improve because of a better blood flow to your penis.
It changed my sex life :+1:t2: