Beta Blockers for Managing Adrenaline?

Has anyone here used beta blockers to reduce their stress response successfully?

It seems like my nervousness pre-sex is what is the primary factor that prevents getting an initial erection.

Also, has anyone used this in combination with E.D. Medication? And is that okay to combine?


I have problems w pre sex too, its hard for me to get in the zone when initiating sex w my gf. So much anxiety about me being able to get an erection to have sex w her. But once i have a semi hard on and im able to at least stick it inside, i suddenly get rock hard. I have been using ed enhancers, and they been working for me lately. I was curious also about beta blockers, but doing my research, im not a medical professional of any sort, but i read that anti blockers reduce ur heart rate and decrease your blood flow. That would mean if you tried having sex the blood flow would not be enough to travel to your penis. Hence you not being able to get hard. Atleast thats what im thinking, hopefuly someone can explain as well.

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Thanks for the info! I’m going to talk with a doctor tomorrow and ask him about these specific points you brought up. Glad you’ve been finding success!

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I’m currently on beta blockers for a heart arrhythmia condition and actually a side effect is ED.