Who are your male role models?

People who give of themselves selflessly

The opposite of Barack obama

I feel radically impoverished because I don’t have any male role models. I don’t know what to think or feel about that.

Earthling Ed, Joey Carbstrong, Joaquin Phoenix, Al-Ma’arri

Dan Carter.

One of the most successful kiwi sports players of all time yet extremely down to earth and satisfied with his lot, not having to build himself up or push others down to seem bigger. His own competence and self assurance in himself inspires others.

My male coworkers are who I aspire to be. Someone decisive, can still be chill and joke around but knows when to be serious.

Most of my role models are athletes, because of their hard work and attention to detail

George Clooney. He doesn’t have to be anyone else but him.everyone else want’s to be him.

Just men that are open to their feelings and can discuss a variety of things. Just more interesting chats. Men who show empathy are always top tier in my books too… it’s rare.

I don’t really have one but I guess a musician frank turner comes close in that his DIY ethos, doing things his way unabashedly is something I am attracted to and admire.

Deadpool, a fictional character that lives his own life, does what he wants, and isn’t afraid of a gender role to define the things he can do

Henry Cavill he is manly but also talks about his nerdy hobbies

People I know who appear to be confident, chilled and capable. Living authentically to their own values. …or so it appears. Hmmm.

my old man is a “I’ll take care of it” kind of guy. a protector who I could come to with a problem, and if it was within my scope he’d calmly teach me how to handle it. if it was outside of my control, he’d just say “I’ll handle it”. and it was always taken care of.

Brad pitt, Jamie Fox, Cristiano Ronaldo, they all exhale confidence. Which I lack.

I always admire people who will say what bothers them in a calm manner and even will push harder if they don’t get the respect they deserve when saying their thoughts, all while still remaining level headed.

Despite our differences my father is still my role model for his sense of calmness and critical thinking, and intelligence.

My best friend, Damien.

Bruce Lee. Philosopher and Artist.

Tom Brady