When I lose my erection during sex, my partner asks questions like “got softie?” and it makes even worse

Have anyone ever experienced that? Is this ok or should I talk to my partner?

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I think as a general rule discussing with our partners we don’t do enough of. It can be difficult. Is she being critical or asking effectively how you are feeling ( possibly in not the most helpful way)? I guess don’t necessarily go into this aggressively but with curiosity - which easier to say than do.

I think what’s most important is how you feel about it. If you thought it was okay you wouldn’t be posting about it. You could try telling her “when you say X it makes me feel Y”. Setting boundaries in how you want to be treated is ok (ie teasing about other aspects about you is ok but teasing about ED not).

Personally I think working on ED is hard enough without having one’s partner make fun of it or trivialize it.

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First of all do you know what the cause of your ED is? And how long have you guys been together?

Yes, you need to talk to your partner. You need to communicate that this hopefully playful comment is actually bothering you. I imagine she will appreciate knowing this.