What was your experience of wax and wane like?


I enjoyed it. Was very nice

Great gave me confidence, helps to know this process is normal.

It gave me good control of my erection and made me fe confident again.

Easy to do by yourself. We will have to see if it’s this easy in the moment with a partner

I found this quite easy alone, so I’m going to take it another step and ask my partner to control the wax and wane, because the issue only happens around her. If I can get comfortable with it going up and down in her presence then I’m onto a winner.


Familiar and enjoyable

Ineffective this time around

I’m struggling to find enough alone time in my house to do all of this work.

Fun. Reminded me I can be in control of my erections as long as I shut out the inner critics and stay focused on my arousal.

Really good exercise. It’s the control part that is often missing for me. You feel at the mercy of what’s going on even though there are ways to influence it by being calm and relaxed

Will try it & see what happens…make a lot of sense I think!

Reminded me that there’s no rush. With time and the right mindset I can get hard again and again.

It was good. I’m not sure that I could control it in the moment, but with practice, I’m thinking that maybe I can. It helps to know that this is something I could eventually control

Going slow def helped me relax more, election’s came easier

It is a really helpful exercise… a sense of control!

Didn’t do it yet . Tonight.

Felt great

Good, builds ‘muscle memory’ if nothing else but not translating into results during actual intimacy for me, yet anyways