What was your experience of wax and wane like?


Couldn’t get it up to a full election. Bit bummed out.

I thoroughly enjoyed it

Made me realize how easy it comes back when you aren’t in your head.

Made me more comfortable with losing an election. A little more confident that if I lose an election in the moment, I am able to get it back. In the future I hope losing an election won’t be a big deal for me

I haven’t tried it yet. Have some questions/issues:

  1. I’m married- it’s difficult to say “I need 15 - 20 minutes so I can masterbate.” Even if I felt comfortable doing so, I’m not sure I would be going off and doing it.

  2. if I have trouble getting erect, how can I “wax”?

  3. Are ed pills allowed? Note that i currently don’t get fully erect when using pills in sexual situations (but have been able to do so reliably in the past), so it would seem to be a reasonable thing to do. I have used pills when I’ve masterbated previously.

Interested in your feedback.

This was an easy one as I feel like I do similar to this but. Ow that I know its good for me ill be doing it this way

I’m hoping it works irl

this was so much fun, at the start I was worried that I wasn’t getting hard then kept doing soft sensations. the lack of porn was odd but then I started to use fantasy in my mind and it was really powerful. I was a bit nervous at getting hard and then soft so I will have to work on not letting those feelings creep in. but after it I really feel that I have been missing the point of being with someone and just enjoying it rather than worrying about being hard. Its a long way to go for me but I think I am starting to see this new path of emotions being something wonderful.

Doing this solo helped me understand that getting hard is not an all or nothing experience. It can leave and arrive and that’s totally normal

gave me more confidence that if i go soft and i can come back. will def try again

I was surprised by how easy it was, by

It was difficult to get hard at first and all three times was about 94 per cent

Felt very different to use the non dominant hand to do so

Enjoyed it a lot! Gave me a bunch of confidence of the ups and downs of the whole process.

It was interesting and fun. The fantasies on cue were awkward at first, but I got into it.

Wax n’wane away!

Not bad

Went well

It’s fun. Very pleasurable. I think this is going to be the most important exercise for me as I have been super aware of going soft when I’m with someone, then the viscous cycle of spectatoring/anxiety kicks-in.