What was your experience of wax and wane like?

I felt a little silly at first which made getting an erection difficult but by the third cycle my mind had definitely built up some horny desire and it was interesting to feel the arousals impact in tandem with my erection and how much better it felt by the third build up

Didn’t think I could do it, but I managed it 4 times. Just had to let my imagination run a bit, stop, and then just kept coming back to it.

My erection came and went faster than I expected which was hard for me. It made it feel like my erection disappears too fast. I will continue practicing so I can continue developing body awareness and optimism about the fact that my erections will come back.

Felt like I gained control of things.

Managed to make it 3 times. It is a really nice exercise to 1) remember that erections come and go, 2) get confidence, 3) realize that you can get an erection without watching porn (for us who watch it)

Enjoyable, reinforces positive erotic sensations and builds arousal, i had a very erotic dream after first trying this before going to bed.

Yeah, didn’t do much for me confidence. Maybe I have to keep practicing. But all in all it’s a good experience

It was okay.

Made me feel like I had at least some control over my erection.

Well in a way it was a total fail… I couldn’t get it back down. I breathed and didnt touch for 15 minutes but my erection would literally not wane, which has never happened in my life. I’m going to have to take the win and confidence away from the fact that this even happened, I’ll have to try again tomorrow!


Made me realize there are more ways to masturbate than by looking at porn, wasn’t a complete success the first time but will keep at it!

This is my favorite type of “fail” to hear about! Shows your body naturally stays in the zone to keep an erection when things feel right :hugs:

Very calming

I had to use s penis pump to create the erections, and at the end I finished myself off with only a semi. Hopefully a few more goes and it’ll improve.

It was odd to do, I felt that it’s not particularly beneficial to my current situation, but I can see it being really helpful when dealing with new or other partners.

I had dfficulty to get hard first, but I see where it can goes

I enjoyed it.

Gave me a little bit more confidence but as others have said, I want to see if I can do this in the moment with a partner.

Well it’s easy when you’re by yourself with no pressure.

Much easier after the initial erection. The 1st was the hardest (no pun intended, for real)