What was the challenge like?

Certainly not the porn! I remain soft throughout so did the soft pen is work but surprised myself with the most incredible ejaculation ever despite being soft! I don’t think I’ll bother with lien. It does nothing for me. Inner critic has a field day pointing out how hard everyone is and how much they cum and au can’t even get it up. Think I’ll leave it there and concentrate on the other work. The one thing which might have worked is creating my own images without the aid of poem so I think I can work with that going forward to achieve my goal more effectively.

Found it easier to get hard on my own after watching the porn for the first time

Felt aroused but didn’t get erect during the porn. Found myself spectatoring during it and when mindfully madturbating. There was a sense of confusion for some reason. But did my best to return my attention to the pleasure and my breathing. Then I got erect and highly pleasured lol

I’m trying to quit porn, but for this time, I made an exception.

I used a video of a woman masturbating herself (so that wans’t the usual narrative of the porn I used to consume). And I enjoyed a lot. Once, I semi-losed the erection because I got lost in my thoughts and high-school memories, but I recover it inmediately when I focused on the video again.
After 10 minutes, I came back to usual masturbation to finish, otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to reach orgasm… at least in a reasonable time span.

This was interesting. It was the first time I watched porn without immediately jacking off. To notice my sensation areas begging to be touched was nice. It was hard not to. I cycled between hard and soft often, but this was the first time I realized the guys in the shoot did too. And they just worked themselves back up. The one thing I know I need to work on is staying present. Seems to be something I struggle with overall in life, but def happens when I’m trying to be in the moment as well. Nothing to do but to keep practicing being in the moment. Interesting exercise overall

ye this worked, however i feel like watching porn isn’t good for me so trying to stop

this felt way better than my normal masturbation routine. the orgasm was more intense and i enjoyed the process better

Didn’t get hard watching porn without touching so tried some different techniques to what I’m used to while still watching. When I continued without the porn I eventually got really hard which made me really happy. Just goes to show that everything works as it should when the mind takes a step back…really positive, I hope to have a similarly positive experience next time I’m with my girlfriend :slight_smile:

I typically don’t watch porn because my wife does not like it when I do. I’m hoping there are other options here. I use pictures and videos of my wife instead.

After watching and getting aroused it was hard not to touch myself but I didn’t. After, I reimagined the scene but it was me and my boyfriend and it was hot. I was definitely feeling good and it was easy to imagine home hitting all those spots. I need to keep working on the distractions and occasionally I could feel some negative thoughts and spectatoring beginning. It is becoming easier though to refocus on the moment.

I was in my hear in this session. Knowing my wife and I have a date tonight I felt guilty or selfish doing this but did it anyway and I started to get stiff in the beginning and started thiking in my head and went away, then put my phone down and started to touch myself. I got hard but felt like it went back and forth so I will keep exploring and taking my time.

Not touching myself while watching porn is a great way to get in the mood. I didn’t get hard, but then again, I didn’t expect to. And I didn’t get hard while masturbating until I came, which was explosive!

I felt more sensations for sure. Like there was tingling chills felt throughout my boy. I wished I was able to hold our longer though.

didnt get hard while watching but started to get there. happened very quickly after. interesting exercise

Very difficult to get hard without touching when watching porn. Couldn’t get hard using imagination after.

Didn’t really get hard while looking at the porn, just pics. I think partially because in my mind I was telling myself I should be hard, like I was spectating. Then when touching myself I didn’t get fully hard unless I went into death grip stroking. It almost seems my brain has become conditioned to only get fully hard when I’m death stroking and watching porn. I think from now now on, it might be a good idea to not watch porn and just try to use my imagination and memories to masturbate

I think jerking off without an end goal is helping a lot. I felt a lot of new nerves there when there wasn’t this pressure to come right away. It’s like whenever I pressure myself to come too fast or even just to last longer I get turned off. I think I should just let myself come whenever it ends up arising

It was difficult to connect the visual arousal from the porn to the physical sensations of touch. Very difficult not to go into auto pilot masturbation mode

It feels nice to watch the porn to build up the imagination. It felt like it might take longer masturbating with only remembering the porn, but I think it helped me concentrate on my erection. Even though I wanted to start watching a million different pornogs, I was able to ejaculate afterwards without viewing the pornog.

I watched the porn but didn’t get an erection. I could feel my heart racing but nothing. However, when I then pictured it in my head later I got an erection. Any idea what that means? And what I can do to change it?