What was the challenge like?

Immediately became hard as a rock while watching porn, even without touching myself. Stayed hard while watching it for a few minutes

As soon as turned it off and went to focus on my imagination, I gradually became soft. Even while reimagining the porn I just watched and softly touching myself all over.

The take I got from that is I’m visually stimulated and not so much by touch

It was harder to explore my body when there wasn’t a voice telling me what to do.

I feel like I’m connecting more with my bodily feeling og wanting sex as a whole. There’s still something constraint about it/in me, but it’s improving.

I had to skip this one. Watching porn is not a good idea for me. Im in a relationship and it ruins intimacy as I just fantasise about porn in stead of the sex I am involved in . I did one one of the arousal meditations instead which are great.

No erection while watching, but came pretty quick when I started masturbating.

didn’t get hard during or after porn made me lose some faith but i’ll keep going

I like stroking my pits with a light touch around my fur. Taking one finger I caressed the side of my torso, and danced around my inner thighs. I’ve been practicing touching everything but my penis, and so far nothing has really aroused me through just touching. Watching porn, I was interested in the changes in what I wanted see to try to make myself aroused without touching myself. Starting with my normal choice of gay sex, I went to a coupe more videos, but was curious about heterosexual couples. I like watching women getting their pussies eaten out. I also noticed similarities between gay and heterosexual sex in touching other areas besides the genitals. Seeing two men pleasing a girl, whiles also enjoying making out made my heart jump a with excitement. These men had a similar desire for both the girl and the other guy. All throughout exploring these videos, I had varying stages of light to medium arousal. I noticed I get more aroused when I stroke my penis, and just watching other people having sex does not fully arouse me by itself.