What was the challenge like?

To use my mind in this exercise I had to fully create a scenario unrelated to the porn I had been watching

Made it through 5 min.

Was able to get a rock hard erection while watching porn and not touching. It was kinda hot. Then I explored my body while minimally touching my penis. I was very aroused but chose not to cum even though I wanted to. For me, it was more about the journey, focusing on temperature, pressure and touch whilst fantasizing about the porn and my husband also. It was hot.

The ejaculation actually felt alot better then normal. However I’m still finding it very difficult not to revert to my old masterbating ways. It’s also hard to get erect from just light touch. But hopefully that will improve over time.

Watching porn without touching myself allowed me to find different points of pleasure and gave me the ability to focus on those points

Started to get hard watching porn, but didn’t stay hard without the touch. Because of this I found myself spectatoring. During the touch I didn’t get hard and found it difficult to concentrate on touch and recall the arousal from the porn.

I got very turned on watching porn and instantly wanted to jerk off with a death grip but restrained myself and kept to the exercise. I was pretty much hard the whole time when watching porn and when not watching porn

Internal critic kicked in a little while watching porn cos I wasn’t fully hard but it got there so the critic was kicked aside. The imagination part I think I could work on and focussing more on the touch but good exercise!

Didn’t enjoy watching porn. I have a difficult relationship with porn as I used to be addicted to it and had porn induced erectile dysfunction.
Getting hard afterwards felt difficult

Had new sensations which was great!

Didn’t get hard with porn, did when touching myself, was good to use imagination again

Could not get aroused after 15 minutes of just watching and swapping genres but once erect I was able to touch my penis with 1 hand and explore with the other while staying harder than I have in a long time for 15 minutes before letting myself cut. Will continue to practice this drill until I can achieve results while following the directions to the t.

For the first 5 minutes I wasn’t hard. However I got so turned on after 5 that gradually I got a really hard erection without touch. I haven’t had an erectile without touch in over 5 years I’d say. My whole body was aroused, I can say I’ve never felt that aroused in years. When the porn was over started to go a little soft when trying to feel my body like the exercise recommended. However switching back and forth from my body to my penis was good. And when I thought recently about the partner I just had sex with(with viagra of course) I instantly came. Overall good exercise for me, hopefully this is a sign I am improving

Only got a semi when watching porn as I felt a bit self-conscious. Was a bit reticent as some porn got me more or less aroused but explored for a bit. I’ve actually explored for a while using my imagination and sensual touch for masturbation. It helps me maintain, imagine and explore healthier scenarios and train my brain to be more involved during actual sex. It took me about 15m to orgasm as I was keeping myself from using my usual touch which was challenging at times. Overall good experience.

I got hard at the beginning and then it went away after waiting too long. I got hard again when touching myself. I think it worked pretty well.

I managed to not pleasure myself during the porn watching. I did cave into my old jerking habit during the masterbation part, but was surprised at my self control during the first part

I like the habit rewiring of watching porn first and then using my mind to keep things going. Much different than having the stimulation on screen while engaged in the act and I was pleasantly surprised that I kept my erection while thinking of a successful encounter last night with my new partner. Things have been inconsistent with my erections and I was extremely turned on by her yesterday so it is great to keep that energy going.

Didn’t get hard watching but managed to finish off after. It actually seemed like a better experience deliberately trying not to use my usual “death grip” using different part of my hand, speed etc. I think it forced me to be more in the moment

I need to be able to masturbate without a death grip.

I’m currently trying to stop watching porn, due to past bad habits which has caused me to prematurely ejaculate when having sex. I skipped to the light touching and masturbating with the help of my imagination . I don’t necessarily get erect from the light touching itself but I do get aroused. Once I move to the actual penis stroking, I do get an erection.