What was the challenge like?

I didn’t get hard watching the porn - but was very aroused and “tingly”. It made the explorative touch extra sensitive. I did, slowly, get hard - then I imagined my way though a sex scene, trying hard not to fall back on my standard JO technique. Eventually came from surprisingly light touch on the underside!

It’s a good way to reduce your dependence on porn. It’s good to feel in control of masturbating, I could work on staying aroused.

Didn’t get hard not touching myself. Porn didn’t help me get hard. I think I watch it too much?

I’m going to have to sit this one out as I don’t want to watch porn. That is a big part of why I have ED in the first place and I’m trying to abstain from it.

I don’t partake in porn usage anymore so I wasn’t sure how to approach this exercise

Was initially sooo hard, when watching Porn for the first time in 2 weeks. But the went flaccid. I started realising how fake porn is. I then touched myself without porn and had to do it, by myself. Was a much better organism!!

This did not go very well. Have a hard time staying aroused from just touching, not sure, but not to happy with this one

Found difficult to keep mind focused in the second part of the exercise.

Didn’t get hard during porn , was very tempting to touch but made it through. Felt more positive after as got hard fairly easily.
Prior to starting this course didn’t think I could masturbate without porn as was so reliant on it

Great exercise :slightly_smiling_face:

I found myself feeling several sensations when just watching, didn’t go hard but felt myself growing. Masturbation was very different and I felt a lot more sensation and pleasure when coming

I didn’t get hard watching porn, it turned me on a bit and I got a few twitches but not erect. As soon as I touched myself I had a solid erection to the point where even slightly touching myself would cause me to come.

it was hard not touching myself while watching porn. I also got nervous about losing my boner after porn and worried about cumming.

Watching porn after several years. Was so interesting not masturbating to it but also so difficult. I encourage everyone to do this as an experiment.

I got hard every now and then watching porn but I usually don’t watch porn anyway. After the fact it was hard to recreate scenes and couldn’t get hard easily so I gotta work on that

Really enjoyed it all. Liked that you could not touch yourself for the first 10 min. Kind of a Big tease. Really good exercise and shows that u Can get and stay hard by just thoughts, Sound and Explorative masturbation

I’m not that turned on by porn to be honest.

why in earth would i ever watch porn

I skipped porn because I felt that a porn addiction was contributing to my problem of not getting a roused with a girl. The exercise was helpful. I tried using my offhand and it was nice but not the feeling I’m used to. I feel like it’s a good exercise but I still need to work on it

I stopped watching porn a few months ago. Dont want to fall back in

getting an erection without touching myself, feeling relaxed