What was the challenge like?

Soft during the porn but felt aroused, very similar to what happens with a date. After that was hard for 99% of the time (20m or so till I came). My mind just wondering, I try bringing it back but what keeps me aroused is visualising with my eyes closed. Not sure how this will help me personally on the long run but I’ll keep at it.

I enjoyed it. Was aroused really quickly with porn then maintained a strong erection throughout and was very aroused, so much so I could have finished quickly if desired.

Didn’t get very hard just watching porn

Was aroused good but did not had erection during the porn but later masturbated with the imagination.

Got hard during porn but lost it after whole masturbating. Interesting because I have long been using porn at all and have been successfully masturbating. Will keep practicing :nerd_face:

Don’t watch porn, so Imagined a hot session with my wife, was very aroused while imagining and became immediately erect once The touching began.

Didn’t get hard with the porn, was trying to I think… then even imagining afterwards I was able to with a firm grip but not for long…

Not really… If I’m honest, it was not particularly enjoyable-- this may be down to the ‘religious guilt’ associated with masturbation, but there wasn’t anything to prolong the feel good hormones that promote a long, and sustained erection… Suffice to say, that even when trying to 'reimagine the scenario, it was an overall rather dissapointing experience.

Got hard watching the porn pretty quick. Lost my boner over the 10 mins but imagined when I’d had sex before instead and managed to carry on but not cum

Yes! My patience was there, finally. It took me a second to get back into my body, and my intrusive voice was there but I had to literally stop and pause and tell the voice to back off and returned to pleasuring myself

Work on finding more spots that turn me on , but waiting the full 10 min of watching the porn and then 10 minutes of touching myself and playing with myself , left for a big finish at the end of the total 20 minutes

The porn didn’t do much for me or imagining the scenes afterwards. Porn hasn’t helped my issues at all but I tried the exercise. My mind kept wandering to problems and what I would want to happen during sex and from whom. I was a lot harder than usual from mastubating with these thoughts. Something is helping from these exercises. I’ve also be doing Kegel exercises for 4-5 weeks now which may help…

Felt good to imagine it and get myself off

Found myself fluctuating between hard and soft during the watching phase then cooled down before touching myself but imagined similar scenes. It was hot but felt very separate.

Good exercise. I found a visual fantasy that I could picture clearly in my head and a new way to touch myself besides my usual grip that seemed to work. Didn’t cum, but I definitely got hard before the second 10 minutes were over.

Yes, time line

Got hard during porn and enjoyed a more explorative touch after. Had done problems reimagining the porn but imagined instead being with my partner so still OK

Worked well but still watching myself a bit need to relax and enjoy more

Light touching was a nice sensation.

I actually had trouble thinking about porn during the masturbation part, since I was too focused on feeling the sensations. That said, I was very pleasantly surprised to not only get hard faster than in the previous exercises, but actually get a bit of precum just from the exploratory touches/pinches/squeezes/etc.