What’s the most disappointing thing you’ve tried to help your erections?

same. when viagra didn’t work for the first time I was very down about it


I’ve tried all the medications, testosterone, and even wave therapy. Things are better, but I can’t trust him, so I get anxious. After wave therapy, things improved, but then as I encountered problems, I started getting anxious.

L arginine

Blend organic honey, 1 whole onion, 1 garlic clove blend and drink 2 tablespoon per day

I take 10 mg Tadalafil before having sex. It works most of the time. But, during my last intercourse, my partner and I were trying to conceive because it happened during my partner’s ovulation period. I was so anxious that I could not get an erection even with 10 mg Tadalafil.

In fact, my erectile dysfunction issue started after trying to conceive for a year and having a miscarriage during this period. The issue initially started during my wife’s ovulation period but eventually spread to all of my sexual encounters. Tadalafil 10 mg helped initially but it didn’t help last time…

Ashes hands supplements

Prostate stimulator

viagra, tried twice the dose and still didn’t work


Viagra, it helped but the sex lasted 3 hours and she got bored

Penis pump

Penis pump and viagra.

Penis pump and viagra.

Herbal supplements and viagra

I’ve recently takin some testosterone shots

Viagra. I had it two hours before the time a girl was coming home. I thought we’d get physical sooner. But we took a while, and by the time we were having sex, even the Viagra wasn’t working.

Eating pistachios and salmon

Contemplated viagra and no fap. No joy on either fronts. Just need to get out out of my head