What’s the most disappointing thing you’ve tried to help your erections?

From diets to exotic supplements to icing your balls — we hear about a lot of non-solutions at Mojo.

Be honest. What’s the most disappointing solution you’ve tried?

One theory rabbit hole I found myself down was believing that because I was vegetarian that I wasn’t getting the testosterone building blocks I needed from my diet. A lot of money later, spent on herbal supplements I realised it had nothing to do with my diet or my testosterone.

I have started taking ashwagandha pills

Ashwafanda gummies and vial is for daily use (low grade). Due to psyche reasons

Magnum tonic wine and viagra

Maca powder and horny goatweed tea

1/2 pill Viagra

Kamagra jelly

Feeling hopeless and destiny to be less of a man



attempted no fap, coming up to a year and only seen benefits emotionally as opposed to in the bedroom

Daily beets, pomegranates, and cayenne pepper seem to help alot unless I am deep in my psychological issue

Sometimes I’m so in my head, that even a very large dose of Cialis doesn’t help

Half a viagra!

Camagra but side affects are too much

Signed up to monthly Viagra pills

Viagra for a bit, but that was not ideal having to plan ahead/removes any spontaneity… didn’t want to share what I was using with any partners…! Stopping smoking and Ashwaganda much better

herbal supplements to boost sex drive

Was prescribed Tadalafil by my doctor and initially it worked like to charm, to the extent that a for few sessions afterwards my confidence was high enough that I didn’t even need it to have sex, but lately it has been less effective (slow to get an erection even during foreplay and often hard to sustain it when it comes) and now barely works, so that tells me my psychological issues are almost completely overriding even chemical help.