What’s the difference between pelvic floor training and reverse kegel?

Just like what the title said, what is the difference between reverse kegel training and pelvic floor training? I do the same thing for both of them where I squeeze my pelvic muscle and hold for a set amount of time, then rinse and repeat. But what’s the difference between these two exercises?


As I see it, Pelvic floor training has two parts - kegel and reverse kegel. Legal exercise is squeezing the pelvic floor muscle/s the relaxing. Reverse Kegel is from a neutral pelvic floor muscle position to a relaxed position achieved by pushing down (even just visualising pushing down) while breathing in and holding for 5 secs. While it isn’t a familiar feeling, you can feel what you’re trying to achieve next time you pee - once peeling, note how it feels when you relax to pee harder. That’s when I felt it anyway and what I’m (still) trying to achieve when practicing the reverse kegel.


think of pelvic (kegel) as tightening the muscles between your nuts and anus. it should feel like pulling motion from outside to inside.

reverse kegel is the opposite. same muscle but you’re pushing it. one of the best ways to do this is to simulate trying to pee.

However I feel that if I’m simulating that I’m peeing, I mostly use my abdominal muscle to press my blatter and not relaxing the pelvic floor. Is this just an impression and I’m doing right or should I try to focus more in relaxing the pelvic and not tensioning the abs?