What’s going on?

I was in a 3 and half year relationship with my ex girlfriend, we broke up last year and ever since then it was kind of a downhill spiral, I was masturbating 2-3x a day and watching porn. at the end of the last year I was hooking up with this girl and would get extremely hard but couldn’t keep my erection. I haven’t tried blue chews or anything of that sort, but just very confused , I’ve stopped watching porn and have hooked up with a couple females but have never gotten to have sex with them because i’m scared ill lose my erection. any thoughts?

How old are you?

Hey brother. Similar story to me i was in a long term relo with my ex then after we broke up i went on a rampage but it didnt last long.
I lost interest in meaningless sex, maybe after having such good sex with deep connection for so long i dunno, but i had a few encounters where i just couldnt keep it up. Started to get in my own head and it got worse. Tried the blue chews they didnt help. Now i get hell anxious when im gonna have a shag with someone and it affects me big time.
Youre not a weird ■■■■ or anything mate - this is happening to heaps of us ive realised



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I’ve had the same issues too. Most of the time girls don’t think too much about it. Men judge themselves harsher than chicks ever do. Porn watching is someone I’m struggling to stop. I don’t jerk off to Penn anymore so that’s changed. I’m starting to do more meditation. You can try getting into boxing as that forces you to stay present else you get fucking punched.


It’s PIED. You’re watching too much porn. You need to stop for a month or two to let your body reset. The vast majority of men under 40 years old don’t have ED unless it’s caused by excessive porn use. Between 2001 and 2011, the percent of men under 40 with ED went from 3% to 39%. Think about what changed in those ten years.

Blue chews won’t help at all because they work by blocking PDE-5 from breaking down the cGMP hormone, which is what signals the arteries in your penis to dilate. That only works if the ED is caused by a bodily issue where cGMP is braking down too quickly. But if the problem is caused by dopamine signaling desensitization, then your brain isn’t releasing cGMP in the first place, so there’s nothing for blue chews to protect from breaking down. It’s a completely different issue. No matter how much you take it’ll never work. If it’s caused by anxiety, then blue chews will work, because you’re still aroused. But constantly stimulating yourself with porn means the real thing can never hold a candle to it. Your girl could be a supermodel and you’ll still have ED because she can’t be 100 different girls at once every two minutes like porn can be. If you’re getting extremely hard when you first start hooking up, but you start to loose it, that’s a sign that it’s because of porn, because you’re intrigued at first but then it’s not enough. cGMP breaks down very quickly even if your body is operating exactly how it’s supposed to be, so your brain has to continuously release it while you’re having sex otherwise you’ll loose it. If you release some in the beginning but then it doesn’t continue, that’s a hallmark of PIED. I’ve never had anxiety induced ED, but I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t get it up in the first place if that were the case. Someone correct me if I’m wrong I’d be interested to know.

Read the book Your Brain On Porn. It’ll change your life. It doesn’t mention any sort of religious or moral arguments, it’s purely from a scientific point of view.

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And yes, 2-3x a day is more than enough to cause this and many other health issues that you probably aren’t realizing are from this because you’ve been doing it for so long that you have no external reference point.

that’s what I think it is as well, i’ve taken a break from porn and haven’t masturbated in 2 and half weeks