What’s an expanded definition of sex you wish you could live by?

Experience of the highest pleasure. A look into the dark, playing with it and leaving a mark in our minds & hearts with pure joy and love.

About having a connection and therefore feeling intimate and comfortable to then bring out our confident sides, starting playfully before devouring physically, with primal licking, grabbing, even spitting, exchanging kisses and fluids. Almost becoming one I guess and forgetting everything else going on. Mutually satisfying each other through oral and penetrative sex.

My definition would be building arousal and pleasure for both parties, taking turns trying out a new kink of each others back and forth, and edging that pressure until one of us gives and jumps into whatever we want to take from each other

Having fun, but also sharing intimate moments

Giving good enjoyment to my partner even if it doesn’t involve vaginal sex

Kissing my partners ass and feet and legs, cuddling, spooning, being under the covers, smelling her.

It is 2 people who have a connection being able to enjoy each other on a deeper level, intimacy, something with a deeper connection, a way to please and be pleased and a way to release stress and tension that builds up a way to just let your brain shut down and allow pleasure to take over.

A connection between my wife and I that is a good fucking time.

I think sex is jokes, it’s being attracted to a partner, it’s the after thought of talking about random things. and most importantly just enjoying the present company

Sex is feeling pleasure and satisfaction from giving my partner pleasure

Fun for both. Intimate. No expectations. Fireworks at the end is a bonus.

An intimate experience between a couple. There are no limits. Typically it will start slow and romantic and end sexy and aggressive. But the entire experience is special for the couple

a private environment where the two of you make an effort to feel sexual pleasure together

Deep connection and trust

Being able to enjoy it, knowing that my partner is enjoying it also.

Yes! It’s about the sex but also not. They’re intertwined.

Sex is about intimacy and connection. It can be fun and playful, serious and kinky or just sensual. Pleasure comes from the connection, not the penetration.

Gentle aggressive play. I like it when a girl has an attitude with me but I still want to have slower sensual sex

Being able to explore (and fail) freely

Sex is a realease of love or likness of that person your doing it with