What do you wish were different about treatment options for ED?

I’m happy that Mojo exists but I’m wondering if anyone else has struggled to get help for this issue. And it makes me curious what could be different about treatment. Any thoughts appreciated.

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After listening to the recordings of sex therapy sessions under the Resources section, I’m convinced one-on-one sex therapy would be very helpful, but I just don’t have access to such a therapist at the moment. If you haven’t listened to those recordings try them out, they really got me thinking.

Another option I’d try if my ED issues were worse than they are is hypnotherapy as a complement to the other work I’m doing (Mojo, daily 5 mg cialis, testosterone replacement therapy, and occasionally Bremolanotide). I’ve had hypnotherapy in the past and it was a helpful element for navigating other things, though in and of itself is not the answer to managing change.

Along that theme, the meditations under the Resource tab are really effective. Despite how simply they’re constructed (which initially made me want to write them off as useless), they are great at training the mind to handle the inner critic and spectatoring.

I’m also currently reading a book called Desire: an inclusive guide to navigating libido difference in relationships by Mersy and Vencill. Whether or not one has libido differences in their relationship, the book is very good at laying out all the elements that go into libido, desire, and arousal. It’s helped me understand more about my body and mind for sure.

Good luck brother and keep the hope!

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Thanks man. I’ m gonna listen to the sessions. How come you haven’t tried sex therapy before?