What are your experiences of sex therapy?


I was wondering if anybody has had experience of using a sex therapist to deal with lack of libido and/or ED, and how they found it.

Did it work?
What did you do with the therapist?
How long did it take?

In my case I’ve seen the therapist twice so far, and both times it’s made me more thoughtful about my life and my emotions, but I’m wondering if we are heading in a direction with some kind of plan, or whether we’re just talking about my life and my emotions until we run out of things to talk about.

I’ve had about 3 sessions with one myself. She’s opened my eyes in some respects but at the moment we’re still information gathering and it does feel a bit tedious. Have to trust the process though!

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Thanks for the reply. I wonder where my sessions are heading. I started then specifically because of lack of libido and ED, but we’ve more or less not talked about either of those things. I guess I’d like it if he gave me something practical to do to get back on track, rather than just discuss my relationship with my parents and things like that.