Voice in the back of my head

Hi gents, I’m 35 years and recently married. I’ve just started on the program. for the past 10 or so years I’ve always had the inner critic preventing me from having a consistent sex life. I’ve been getting by with the blue pills in most cases. But I know my issue is 100% mental as I have no issue masturbating and have morning wood. Struggled with one night stands and previous partners and just copped it on the chin. My wife is very understanding of my mental health and performance anxiety. The pressure to perform is 100% in my head as my wife is not pressuring me but now I have the added pressure of trying to get my partner pregnant which has added fuel to the fire in my head.

I’m trying to get myself into a position of not relying on viagra and being able to have unplanned sex without the voices in my head telling me you won’t get an boner this time and killing my mood. It’s a tough pill to swallow as I know physically everything works but just fighting my own mental demons.


Brother- I feel your pain. It’s frustrating. I’m hoping that I can overcome this but I’m only 2 weeks in and I actually got hard without a pill 2 days ago


I’m 100% with you. For me it all happened when I was circumcised 4 years ago. Was told I would lose some sensitivity but actually I think it mentally sent me down a road where I was scared I wouldn’t be the same. Now unless I take the blue pill nothing seems to happen. Know it’s almost certainly a mental issue but god it’s so frustrating and embarrassing when you want to have sex with your partner but can’t get an erection. The mind plays tricks and the more you tell yourself it’s in your head the more it’s in your head and you can’t stop thinking about it. I feel right now it’s never going to end

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100% I had a broken banjo string from like 15 years ago, which then with my wife, it started flaring up and began hurting a bit then made me soft during sex. Then I got in my head and couldn’t get it up. Then we decided to get a circumcision and that took a while to heal…then I lost confidence and my wife actually told me last weekend that I had lost confidence and that she wants me to just take her at anytime and want her.
Which I always want her but lost the mojo and confidence, which now she has voiced.
So now I’m in my head more and on this app to try and bring back the mojo and be a better lover!

I feel ya on the circumcision thing, it really got to me too brother.