Unsure whether to keep trying

Hello, i’m in my fourth week of Mojo after anxiety driven ED has progressively worsened in then past 6 months. I’ve been with my partner for nearly 10 years and up until around 10 months ago, our relationship has had everything you’d want.

In all aspects of life outside the bedroom, everything is still amazing, but I feel like my bedroom performance is slowly grinding her down.

We’ve been in a place where 3/4 times we’d have sex successfully, that dropped to 1/2 and since starting MOJO, we’ve not actually had penetrative sex.

Whilst I’m getting erections, they’re feable and tend to disappear before things get fully started.

My partner is really trying to be supportive, but is struggling to hold back her emotions after unsuccessful attempts and this is of course making my anxiety worse.

I’m keen to hear from anyone who has had a similar situation. Should we stop trying to have sex completely whilst i work through these issues?

Please someone tell me they have come out the other side of this…

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