Turned on by kissing, nothing else?

Hi! I’m struggling a little bit here. For as long as I can remember, the thing that has turned me on is kissing/just being close to someone. The only porn videos that get me off are people making out. And when I’m with a girl, I’m only turned on by foreplay, and nothing when it gets below the belt. I’m turned on by the IDEA of doing more things, but in the moment I get way too nervous. I think I blame a lot of this on my porn use and how my mind has been trained to only be able to ejaculate via kissing

I don’t know if anyone has experienced something similar to this, but I’m curious if there are any ideas to help me get so out of my head when things progress beyond kissing. I want to be hard when she’s going down on me for example, but I’m just not able to get there. And the more times I don’t get hard, the more this cycle inside my head continues that I’ll never be able to do everything my partner wants to do