Thoughts on prostate play

Is it okay to do this if so is it better in some cases instead of masturbation? And how often do most people do this curious?

I’ve been exploring anal play in my own masturbation recently - sort of evolved out of my sensate work on mojo and some curiosity.

This is new for me and still figuring out what feels good to me and finding my way around as it were. I don’t do it instead of paying attention to my dick and other body parts but as part of the overall experience.

I guess I can’t see why it’s not “ok” to explore this. No idea of if it helps with erection issues per se if it feels good can’t see harm in including in the repertoire as part of what is pleasurable for you. I haven’t explored with a partner at this point and that is probably unlikely with my partner.


Thank you for taking time out of your day to respond to this question I am also new to this and I feel weird as well when I do this during my intimate time I also don’t have enough time to explore like i want to but I hope that someday this will change and I hope we both can find out what we like and experience new pleasure thank you again :grin:

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The only person who can tell you if it’s better than masturbation is you. So you do you and see what works!


Thank you for responding yeah I just wanted to know if others do it and if so is it normal to do so :sob: