This is a problem

I have had an issue with porn for a while. It is something which i have attempted to break myself, but i can never seem to manage it for long. I fell back into old habits as of late because my wife just gave birth to our first child, and she went through one hell of a trauma after the birth. We didn’t have a lot of sex in the last few months of pregnancy, and I used porn as a way to help with urges, and now i want to done with it, because while we may have a child, it shouldn’t stop us having sex as often as we did before pregnancy (twice a week). I want to help myself mentally because i know porn affects my erection and i want to change that. Any advice??

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My first advice would be don’t have too high expectations about sex with your wife for a while yet - babies are hard hard work and emotionally draining and consuming - but also great !! Babies basically demand a lot of attention and she may not have much left to give. If she’s ok with it, all good but be aware she may not be yet.

In term of porn I’ve found the work on mojo on slow masturbation and sensate work has really made me realize how much porn was distracting me - a quality wank you actually pay attention to is way better to the point I don’t really want to watch it now. This was more effective than cold turkey discipline not to watch.

There are some mojo recorded therapy sessions on balancing porn use that may help.


Brainbuddy is genuinely one of the best apps I have found that has helped me to abstain from porn. I’ve been porn free for 7 months now which was an impossible feat for me for many many years and I still cant believe it even now. Pretty sure you can get a free week or something - similar to Mojo. Would highly recommend!

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I’m definitely going to look into this as well. Thank you for the info

I just need to thank you to the OP for asking this. I don’t have 100% the same circumstances but I do struggle with watching porn way too much. I answered “not really” on the quiz because I don’t think that it keeps me from sex but I do find i watch it too much and have for years.