This always happens

I’ve just started seeing this new girl and I want to sleep with her , the issue is I’ve had a long history of struggling to get it up , I take pills which work but it doesn’t let me finish when I take them and I get too nervous without them to the point where I avoid sex , The only time I haven’t had to use pills is with my ex gf about 2 months into the relationship I didn’t need them .
What do I do because I know it’s all mental ?
What do I tell the new girl I’m talking too ?

I feel you on everything you just said! I just met an amazing person over vacation that physically has everything I’m looking for, and more. When it came time for sex, I lost my erection mid-experience. I brushed it off as nervousness, but it was awkward as hell, and left an impression I’m sure. I’m giving myself a full three months of time, space, training, and conditioning before attempting again.

Is porn an issue for you (overindulgence)? Have you considered practicing on a “professional” before trying again with your g/f. I have resolved to undergo significant “practice” with a “pro” before putting myself or my heart on the line.