Therapist Recommendations - USA?

Hi everyone, I’m looking to speak to a sexual health therapist much like the podcast series available on Mojo.

Does anyone have a therapist they recommend in the USA for this?

Thank you in advance and positive vibes to all of you

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I’m so glad the podcast series got you thinking about what sort of support might suit you :blush:

A good first step is to browse a directory that lets you use filters to refine your search. This will help you see what’s out there and prompt you to reflect on what matters to you.

Try checking out Psychology Today’s US directory:

Some things to consider while you’re browsing are:

  • Do you want to see someone in person or over video call?
  • Do any styles of support seem like they’ll suit you more than others?
  • Do you think you’ll feel more comfortable with someone who’s a certain age or gender?
  • Do therapists’ pictures and descriptions on their profile “speak” to you?
  • What sort of specialisms would you like them to have? (for example, as well as erection issues, you might like to talk about something from your past or another challenge you have)

Consider making a shortlist of therapists that stand out to you. From there, you can send them an email or set up a call to get a clearer picture of what it would be like to see them regularly.

I spoke to one of our psychosexual experts, Amanda Barge, about how you know when a therapist is a good fit when you’re shopping around and speaking to different therapists, and she told me, “trust your gut!” A good therapist will make you feel comfortable and heard and will give you some hope about the work you could do together.

Anyway, I’m sure other Mojo members will have some advice and their own experiences to add. But I thought the above could be a good place to start.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

I hope you find someone great to start therapy with — I’m excited for you!

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Thank you!

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If you are near Philadelphia, PA. The Center for Growth Therapy is great.

Do you know if it is a mental block or body trauma?

Mentally I am calm but no matter what state of mind I am in my body will “illogically” tesct and start shaking “fight/fligjt”.

So I seeing a somatic therapist too. They are harder to find but they help with mind body disconnects.

There is a great podcast in the Mojo resources section of the app to listen to as well.

All well wishes to youy friend.

I have gad times that my body reacted to masturbation as well. In my case it wasy body not allowing pleasure in my body to happen because in my body pleasure = danger.

Working on it. Hope you can to


Hello new to the app and the whole thing. Keen for talk therapy. Living in Australia with Muslim background so preferably someone that has an understanding of this. Can someone please recommend me someone good that doesn’t have a ridiculous wait time? Thanks in advanced

Hi everyone - an update from me. I’ve started seeing a therapist based in NY. It is early days but I am feeling confident with them. They have had many clients with performance anxiety based ED. For anyone interested in learning more - they are
All the best to all of you!

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