The combination of alcohol and new partners

As a single guy who is actively dating most of my sexual encounters involve alcohol and new partners, a bad combo for my performance anxiety.

I’m generally okay sober but I regularly struggle to get/stay hard if I’ve had a drink. I’m aware of the physiological effects lots of alcohol has on erections, but I fear this causes me to worry too much once I’ve had a drink, to the point even a drink or two can affect my performance.

Anyone got any good tips for reducing the anxiety associated with a new partner and alcohol?

I can’t offer advice on how to solve this as I’m still in this situation but want to share that I totally relate. Your post was helpful because I recently told myself “okay, only one drink allowed before sex” but now I think that puts myself In headspace to worry about it, really sets the stage to give myself anxiety over it and then… surprise, I can’t get it up. Thank you for sharing, it’s helpful to hear your story. I too hope to find a solution soon.