Taking the Good with the Bad

Only just started, but I’m hoping this is a sign of good things to come.
My wife could sense I was stressed and depressed and offered oral sex, to which I agreed, and I used my breathing techniques and confronted my inner critic, and because of how relaxed I became, I grew to the biggest I had been in a long time.
Unfortunately, the session lasted long enough for the anxiety to creep back in and kill my erection, but I think the fact that I was able to relax at all and achieve such a performance boost just from a few breathing exercises really shows the potential here.
Thank God I didn’t opt for pills.


That is good news- make sure to celebrate each victory!

Pills don’t help; they’ve only added pressure and made it worse for me.

I’m also trying to lay off penetrating and see if we get better results.


Thank you, and I’m sorry to hear pills have worsened your struggle. Hope you’re doing well