Suddenly can’t get hard, what’s happening?

I found my way to this app because here recently I went on a date with this beautiful girl and ended up in the back seat of her car and couldn’t get hard enough for sex. I got slightly hard and felt alittle precum and then I went soft and no matter what I did I couldn’t get hard. Im leaning on it being performance anxiety because I got out of a very toxic relationship about 5 months ago and she ruined my self confidence. Between then and the date I’ve been able to masterbate no problem and get fully hard no problem. Ever since that date which has been about 5 days ago I still can’t get fully hard and even my morning wood is barely anything. And also the amount of erections I get is less. I don’t think it’s physical bc I’ve always been a healthy guy and I work out atleast 3 times a week. I just don’t understand how performance anxiety could last this long, please give your feedback:)

this does sound like performance anxiety, hang in there! Have you had success using Mojo?

Having same issue. Married 9 years with frequent sex no issue and out of nowhere I can’t get hard either together or alone. Going out of my mind with worry which is making it worse.
How do I calm down enough to be able to start getting it back!!!

I’m in my mid forties and Had a borderline low testosterone blood test recently but doctor not interested in exploring that. I’ve heard almost everyone say it helps massively on TRT


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