Struggling with root masturbation

After some advice please. I’m deadly serious about the programme to improve my stamina. I think my problem is porn and masturbation that has cause my PE. Was never a problem years ago. I’m trying to retrain my brain and have started with the penis root masturbation but struggling to get hard because I am trying to lay off porn. Just wondered if anyone had any advice in this. Thanks.

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Yo man. Dunno what the root masturbation is, but I can tel you that I also struggled to get hard when stopping porn. I think you get very reliant on the high stimulation from porn, which makes it tough to get hard without very high stimulation. Stopping porn really helped me, and I was able to get hard just with manual stimulation after about 8-10 days. Just don’t get too down on yourself :slight_smile:


Cheers man. Who knew porn could cause this many problems and actually be detrimental in the bedroom.

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Porn gives you immediate gratification so there is little effort needed.
Most porn actors/ actresses are sexually aggressive and there is no real foreplay or getting to know the other person’s body.