Root masturbation

Been on the app now for almost a week and not sure if I’m doing the penis root exercise correctly or not.

Managed to stay hard for the 10 minutes and it’s quite enjoyable but never seem to climax. Is everyone else experiencing the same?


I have no problem getting hard usually, but root masturbation isn’t doing anything. I can’t get hard through it. I feel absolutely zero from it so it’s no wonder I’m not getting hard

Exact same for me here, and then when I got hard first and then started root masturbation I quickly lost my erection. Does root masturbation still work when soft? Or am I better off just doing kegels?

Root masturbation is meant to get one used to using sensual touch in an area that’s not super sensitive. There are plenty of other ways to invite this same kind of self play.

A couple examples. Play with your balls, play with your gooch. Or find the patients to massage other parts of your body before going to your crouch. Part of the idea is to slow down the experience and find new subtle sensations.

I also found it hard to get hard with this technique. Another variation is use the normal masturbation technique to grip your shift with the thumb and pointer finger in an “O” and slide up and down the shaft, BUT don’t go high on the shift, just stay near the base.