Staying hard and softening before orgasm

So I can get hard (and I mean hard) before sex. I always start off well but then I find myself focussing in how hard my penis is rather then enjoying the moment. The more I focus then it invariably starts to soften and then the issues begin. I then end up making excuses about not finishing. Also I often go semi soft before I know I’m going to cum. Can anyone relate?

I have very similar problem. During sex, when I feel it is getting soft I try to finish fast. At least for me personally it is less embarassing to make it short than to quit without cumming.

I tend to have same problem when masturbating, I can keep it hard when going gently, but when I start to finish it off with strong strokes it tends to soften. Not so much issue with masturbating, as it is possible to finish and cum with softened penis.

I cannot be sure if this is physical or psychological problem. It is just so consistent that I think it is probably both.

I have the same problem while masturbating, when I first get hard it’s 100% hard but after a little while I’ll get a tad bit softer and then it takes me over mentally to the point where I either cum not at full hardness or get soft compeltely and don’t cum. I’m sure it’s psychological so you don’t need to worry. I’ve been practicing by relaxing before I masturbate and closing my eyes and imagining to keep my mind off of what my penis is doing.

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I have the same issue. I also feel like when it goes soft, I try to force myself to cum and it doesn’t feel anywhere near as good, but I still feel the physical urge to cum. I feel like since my ED issues began, I’ve sort of lost the sensations in my penis a bit.

Couldn’t agree more when I am worried about going soft I try to go hard and fast and finish up to cum! As worried if I don’t cum my wife thinks I am not enjoying it

I am so focused on getting hard and staying hard I don’t get into sex

I’ve just bought Viagra and going to try tonight to see if takes my anxiety away ! Hoping I need to take it a couple of times to get my confidence back

I won’t to make love to my wife but get worrried about performing