Some advice for the pulse kegel exercise

  1. Quickly squeeze the muscles every time the light flashes. Imagine the muscle lifting and then dropping each time.

This is the instruction but I am unsure exactly what to do. Is it to squeeze the muscles as if trying to hold in a wee or the opposite?


Hey @due-maroon-heron :blush: you’re right!

Each time the light flashes on, squeeze the muscle as if you’re holding in a wee. When the light goes off, release the muscle back to the rested state.

So when the light is flashing quickly, you’ll be pulsing the muscle between the tightened and relaxed state quickly.

If you’re curious about the “lifting and then dropping” instruction, it might help to look at an illustration, so I’ve attached one I found online.


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Hey, are there kegel exercises on Mojo? Where can I find these please? Thanks

Hey @quickest-gold-baboon. The course Stretch and Strengthen introduces stretches, pulses and holds for your pelvic floor. Once you’ve gone through the course, you’ll unlock the exercises in your exercises section (under the explore tab).

Happy kegeling :slight_smile:

Ah I assume I have to go through the courses to unlock the kegel exercises then? I’ve just been using the explore tab so far, working through the meditation modules etc.

That’s right. You unlock exercises when you go through a course.

The reason Mojo does this is that we all need a bit of theory and framing to help us decide our strategy for using the exercises. Context is essential for making the exercises effective.

I’m sorry we didn’t do more to explain and visualize what can be unlocked. I’ll share your comment with the design team, so thank you for asking.

Best of luck :raised_hands:

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