Slow breathing or no breathing during sex

One thing I feel is helping me stay more present during sex and also helps me focus on the sensations I have is slowing down my breathing with short moments where I even pause and stop breathing for a moment. Amyone can relate to this ?

I suspect it is the same principle as when women ask to be shocked during sex ? Iā€™m surprised about it and excited, too, lol.

Is this perhaps similar to the mojo box breath (inhale for 4 secs hold for 4, exhale for 4, hold for 4 and repeat or variations there on) - slower breathe and pauses. Helps to calm you and create a mind that can focus in on the sensations.

I find this helpful too in everyday life tbh. Similar techniques applied in meditation app I use with exhale longer than inhale e say 6 secs above. Also good.