Situational performance anxiety

It got so bad that because my gf is quite blunt she might say ‘fuck me’ relatively out of the blue and that alone would be terrifying… I.e. am I ready? Is this the right circumstance for it to work? Etc etc.

Also I know one issue she has is changing positions and being able to have fluent sex in various ways. It’s something I would absolutely expect to do but because it’s failed when we have tried for various reasons (sometimes the break in contact, sometimes cramp or something like that changing, and then often the awkwardness and anxiety from previous failures) it feels impossible.

Other than the act of sex, the only specific situation is when I want to cum. In that moment the anxiety builds and I often lose it or it gets much softer.

Once I am getting naked. The expectation to perform and the spectatoring kills my erection

Just the thought that my penis has to be hard for the sex to occur gives me anxiety because I am having to rely on something that I cannot control.

When I don’t cum

Yes, when I’m asked to used a condom I find difficult to stay aroused.

I also get very stressed about having to stop and put on a condom. As described in the video it’s a very unsexy moment that at best distracts me and at worst makes me very anxious and I lose my erection.

Transition from foreplay to intercourse is the time when things get difficult. The break in between to put on a condom kills the fun.

Every time my pants go down I start immediately spectatoring and my erection goes down. I try so hard to get it to go back up but it never does. I’ve never been able to ejaculate during sex before. Just once from a hand job in high school.

Taking a break from the shower to the bed to dim lights close doors kick out cats etc. Something that stops the natural flow. I get to wrapped up in my thoughts during foreplay and loose my erection.

Transitioning from foreplay to intercourse has always felt like a weirdly high-pressure moment for me. Sometimes it just feels awkward and I don’t feel confident. Spectatoring starts and it definitely becomes a struggle to stay hard after that. Condoms I don’t think have much of an impact.

Condoms definitely. I also seem to do better in situations where blood flow to the area is increased and worste when it is decreased, as if any bit of extra blood flow might be just enough to getting and keeping the erection.

I get anxiety putting the condom on or when I feel that she is really ready to have sex but I’m not sure if it’s hard enough. Once I start thinking it just makes it worse and I start to feel the anxiety

Switching positions, every time I take it off I go soft, sometimes it’s hard for me to find the spot to penetrate on her and that gives me some anxiety.

Trying for a baby during my wife’s ovulation.

There is the sensory stimulus when I hear my partner vocalise the appreciation but when it’s not as loud or breaths not as deep when going down on her, I will lose my erection and the stay down there longer waiting for it to get hard, and sometimes it doesn’t at all.

When I first meet someone, I guess the anxiety of not performing well enough.

As soon as I start to think then it’s all over

When my boyfriend is horny and then I start to feel the pressure to get erect. So I start to quickly think of ways to get hard

Every time