Should I be open or wait things out

I have been seeing this girl for a little while and everything is great except when we go to the bedroom. Last month we had a staycation and tried to have sex multiple times but I just couldn’t get it up. She seemed slightly annoyed but was overall supportive about it.

We have another weekend trip coming up this week and I fear the same thing happening leading to awkwardness and the end of the relationship. Everytime I try to think of the fun we’ll have on the trip those thoughts cloud it.

Should I let her know I have fear about the situation happening again? And want to work through the problem together with her to overcome it (whether it be physical or mental). Or should I take my chances and see how the weekend plays out and stop overthinking?

Have you had issues getting it up in the past or is this about her?

I’d open up about it, and you may find that that releases a ton of pressure and then things work. Has happened that way for me before.