Shockwave - does it work? Can it help?

Does anyone have experience of Shockwave or even know about it? I only recently found out - through an advert - despite ongoing conversations with the Dr and a Urologist about ED. Only medication was discussed, then vacuum pumps or injections as a ‘last resort’. So why no mention of Shockwave when they make some bold claims? It makes me suspicious (especially the cost!) but, you know we can be a bit vulnerable about this issue so it’s tempting … especially if it may help…. Any views welcome; I can find little on Google.

I looked at it a while ago but my issues are psychological so it’s not relevant. Are you confident that your issues are vascular / physical ?

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That’s a good point, thank you. No, I’m not sure where the issue lies, so £1200 for six sessions seems like a huge outlay on the off-chance. I’m working through this App, hoping that at least part of this I can ‘cure’ on my own. Thanks for your reply. :+1:

I have used the Phoenix for about 3 months with no results so far. That’s about half way through the treatment. Professional treatment is $500 a session and not covered by Medicare. Have been messed up ever since the lockdowns when I did not have sex for over a year. Also have not had good results with shots. Sad.

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I’m sorry to hear that. All power to you, though, for taking some control and trying to find a way forward. Fingers crossed that you find some hope on here that things can change. I wish you all the best and thank you for sharing your experience during such a tough time.

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I got a licensed gainswave treatment. It works and the efficacy is the same as ED medication. However I do have psychological ED and it basically drastically improved my erections by myself and not around performance anxiety working on your headspace is by far the best long term ROI and worth every minute you put into to


I have not used the shockwave treatment although would be keen to try it. It seems to be cheaper at $800 to buy than sign up for a six use course.
To answer your question about why your doctor did not suggest it, it is relatively new. In addition, if you have a hammer you see every problem as a nail. Doctors are taught to prescribe drugs. Surgeons are taught to cut.

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I spoke with my Urologist last week about it. He said shockwave can work for mild cases, but it wont help much other than that. And if you have moderate to severe physical ED, it’s not satisfactory alternative.

He explained that their are 3 potential issues…

  1. Emotional - What this website specializes in.

  2. Not enough blood getting INTO penis (clogged arteries, blood vessel damage, permanent or temporary)

  3. Blood leaking OUT of penis too fast.

He explained that schockwave triggers new vessel growth INTO penis, and can have some effect on getting more blood INTO penis.

Injections also work for #2 by dialiting arteries into penis, increasing blood flow into penis.

Pills, Cialis, Viagra etc… work for #3 by restricting bloodflow OUT of penis.

That’s my understanding from my only urologist. If 2 other urologists tell me I am wrong, I will revise my belief system.

Hope this helps.


That’s very helpful thank you - it’s good to hear about some successes and to have a possible positive outcome on the horizon. Good for you. :+1: Much appreciated.

Good thoughts, thank you. And yes I originally thought just taking a pill could solve things so I can understand why doctors think this too. And I did wonder how new Shockwave is, as I couldn’t find much info on the net. Thanks - and all the best to you.

Yes, that does help, thank you. It’s interesting to hear what your Urologist said - and to know that they have knowledge in this area - as I was starting to wonder if it’s all made up by people who want to sell things…

Those are useful definitions, thanks. And I hope things are good for you. :+1:

I have recently completed Shockwave therapy. It did improve my morning erections :slight_smile: but when I am with partner its a dud again. So ,my conclusion is that if you are older guy, why not, but psychological issues will cancel any benefit from any therapy, be it pills, FSW anything…


That’s a useful insight, thank you. And being older, is particularly appropriate. If I proceed, then perhaps having morning erections (if it worked the same for me) would give me a confidence boost and maximise the techniques over here in Mojo-land. Cheers for your time answering and all the best for your own progress. :+1:

It certainly won’t hurt

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Cheers.:+1: If it wasn’t so expensive I’ll dive straight in there without another thought. Tempted, though.

I bought the Phoenix too, and it did give me stronger erections after the 3rd round of sessions. Did nothing to help my psychological issues though.

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Thanks for sharing that. Useful to know. I hope things work out for you and perhaps this app will add something positive. Fingers crossed.

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Currently looking at the Phoenix. I understand it won’t help with psychologically based ED. But I’m not 100% sure that’s what I have. I have morning wood most of the time. But obviously they aren’t as strong as they were 20 years ago (I’m early 50s). But if shockwaves help sensation, wouldn’t that help you psychologically? And then in turn when you are with your partner?

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The Phoenix did not affect my sensation at all, it only succeeded in giving me slightly stiffer erections. Like you, I’m in my 50s, get morning wood most of the time. I am also able to get erect while masturbating alone. My issue is getting and maintaining said erection with another person in the room. YMMV though.

(As an aside, something that did increase sensation, for me, was manual foreskin restoration. But that’s another thread…)

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