Shock wave therapy to improve rection

Hey guys, does someone get a course of shock wave therapy to boost erection and sex drive? What were the results? Today I paid for the course and soon will start, but there are a lot of contraversial publications over the Internet…

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I did a series of six weekly Gainswave sessions, not to boost drive or erections, but rather to help overcome intermittent ED issues (I’m 46). I was skeptical but felt desperate. I actually started Mojo the week before deciding to go “all in”. The other thing I did was REALLY focus on hydration. I believe in was chronically dehydrated but don’t have much evidence. I just used to ignore water completely.

After several weeks of the three pronged approach I could see significant improvement and by the end of my last session, I was able to achieve erections like I was in my 20s again. I don’t know for sure what impact the shockwave sessions had, but I’m fairly confident they contributed to my success. I haven’t noticed the veins in my unit so pronounced in decades. My wife even commented on the noticeable improvement.

The sessions seemed insanely expensive, but what price can you put on feeling like a man? I’m glad I did them. I haven’t popped any pills in almost two months. I hope your results are as positive as mine. Good luck!



I have very little personal experience in regard to genital sunbathing, but the few times I’ve done it. It seemed to help my balls be more active and firm, and my erections more frequent and confident. It might have more to do with the fact that it is empowering to be sun’s out-balls out.