Shockwave - does it work? Can it help?

I have the Phoenix, I don’t know if it has done anything but I want to trust the science…in theory it makes sense you know.

Off topic but I have recently tried a hydro pump and I am actually getting good results and after a short time.

I’d suggest you give that a try.

I may still use the Phoenix maybe once or twice a month but the hydro pump is my new life saver.

That’s useful to know - thanks for sharing your experiences. Yes, a boost to confidence sounds like a really valid way forward. Good luck on your own journey. Great to hear that the mornings still give you reason to know that things will be good again, or even better.:+1:

Cheers for this, and good to know that there are a mixture of ages here, all of us trying to help ourselves. :+1: I was beginning to think that this is a younger man’s app with only (comparably) short term issues, so knowing there’s hope for us maturer guys too is a real positive. I hope things work out for you soon.

Thanks for that. That’s great that the pump is working for you. I’ve had mixed success so I’ll go back to it and try again. Maybe a mixture of the App, the pump and possibly Shockwave will blast this from all angles until things get back to where they were. :muscle: I hope things work out well for you soon, too.

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Really helpful topic and thread guys, thanks.
I’m 62 and suffering from inability to remain hard sometimes even getting initially erect. Been to see a Urologist who said similar to what’s mentioned above. Though he warned that there is a possibility of Peyronie’s disease with the injection (caused by scar tissue around injection site). Ive tried pump but absolutely no use at all (maybe I was using it incorrectly?). Been using pills a long time now but they don’t seem to sustain it anymore ? Appreciate it’s almost definitely a majority psychological issue but do wonder if shockwave is worth a try

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Thanks for sharing those thoughts. Perhaps the Urologists or GP think this is just an inevitability of getting more senior but that doesn’t seem to be something to just accept, as clearly not everyone experiences this, and can happen at any stage of life.

Fingers crossed it’s just a temporary speed bump.

I don’t know which pump you’ve tried: my first (very low cost) one wasn’t effective at all, so I invested in an electric one which seemed to have an effect at first but this may have been a novelty factor. Gone back to the original but bought a more effective ‘pump’ which has had some success. Does any of this help?

However, this all feels a little like bullying our bodies into responding and perhaps this is why I might be getting better results with the erection meditations and exercises on this app. Level 4, in particular.

I do feel that injections and/or shockwave are still worth a try though - especially, as others have said, if this builds up confidence.

Expensive though! Or I’d have dived in sooner. Good luck with your own progress. It’s good to hear views from folks like yourself, and I wish you well.