Sex life frequency advice

I’m 22, in a relationship with my girlfriend of 3 years who is also 22. I have a very high sex drive and her not so much. We have sex about once maybe twice a month. I want it more and she doesn’t but it gets me sexually frustrated to the point where it almost affects my mood with her and it makes me feel really bad about it. We’ve talked about it and she says she just doesn’t really feel the need to do it more than we do and that she’s very happy. I love her very much and see a future with her but damn I want it with her so much more… please share thoughts and advice, I’m in the dark here

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I would have a conversation with her about it. Y’all got one trip on this earth, you owe it to yourself to make the most of it. I think there’s a happy medium.

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Perhaps try to understand why you want more sex with her particularly - it’s often not about having an orgasm - it’s perhaps about connection and feeling wanted and other things that can be met in many ways possibly not sexually …. having her have sex with you when she isn’t up for it may not be as enjoyable as you think. If you enjoy the times you have that is great … perhaps try to do other things together (going out, having meals, shared hobbies whatever …,) that build up those other aspects you may br actually seeking deep down.
If it really is just wanting to get off there are other ways ….


Perhaps there may be other things she’s interested in for intimacy? My fiancee and I had something similar, and after better understanding what our needs were, things got better.