Sex Drive is non existent

Has anyone else had a sudden change in sex drive? Like
I have never had trouble getting turned on and being in the mood. I would always wake up with an erection. Now I have none of that. Rarely feel turned on, have very low sex drive and am not getting erection in the morning. Let alone trying to get it up when I want to.


May consider depression

Depending on your age it might be time to check the testosterone levels


Anything else going on for you ? - work stress, relationship stress, other health impacts - these can be erection killers too.

Sleeping well?

I find I can easily turn myself on when I’m alone. Or even if I’m out thinking I can’t wait to get back home so I can masturbate. Even though there’s ample girls around and I’m getting along with them I don’t take the risk of bringing one home and being embarrassed again.

I am the same. All my life been fine with huge sex drive, but this last year I have felt no desire at all. The mind wants to, but the body just does not respond. Have no desire and all the things that normally turn me on do nothing. I have had testosterone checked and all fine. I was ill with covid when it happened, (not saying this is the cause but was only thing that was noticable), and I just have no energy or drive since. I feel for you and wish you well soon.