Self conscious about size when soft

I feel like if I was more confident about my size when I’m soft I wouldn’t have as much of an issue.

I’m 5,5 in ish when hard - while it’s not ideal I’m okay with it. I shrink up when not hard and I don’t know how to be less self conscious about it. My partner can’t manually get me hard for that reason - I have to do it myself or resort to pills.

Wondering if anyone can relate and how you’ve been progressing?

Also I’m fairly new to the course but I’m surprised I haven’t seen much material about body image. Does that appear later in the program?


Yes! there’s actually an exercise that can hopefully help you in a later phase: soft penis pleasuring.

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I have that same issue, usually it’s just the first few times im with a new partner but once they get me hard and knows that it gets bigger they don’t seem to mind the flaccid state.

I’m a grower not a shower as they say, honestly I just got to a point where through self reflection etc went I don’t have a porn star Penis but that’s alright, I think acceptance of my penis did help in all aspects but I defiantly understand this frustration


Look into the books Becoming Cliterate and She Comes First to gain appreciation for what the majority of women feel about penis size and their true lack of concern.

Grower here. Penis goes from literally 1.5 inches soft, 6.5 inches hard. Never had any complaints, and no woman has ever judged me for it when it was soft. Only person judging you, is you, ignore that inner critic :muscle::muscle:


Women don’t care how big it is when it’s soft. You’re just in your head too much. Your size is the worldwide average, which is plenty. Women are much more bothered by ED than they are by your soft size because ED concerns them (or so their subconscious thinks). Focus on getting the ED sorted out.

Also side note: learn erotic hypnosis, then you can make her cum without even touching her she’ll be so over the moon about it your size will be the absolute last thing on her mind.

I read also that your penis size/tissue shrinks as you age also