"Anything less than a sex god and she will be disappointed"

Hi all, new here. Looking for physical exercises to solve psychologically-induced ED and physically induced numbness. Extremely high penis sensitivity + numb dick + anxious overachiever brain.

My penis has always been very sensitive on top, and sizewise about average -. I have also watched tons of porn. I have always been a decent sexual partner, I used to get a lot of compliments and “rebookings”. But, I have had trouble with having a small-ish penis that can get soft from the touch of a female hand… or mouth!

Add to that low phases leading to quick, deathgrip style masturbation, and now I’m afraid to be hard in front of a woman!

The thinking is : If I’m fully hard and erect, it’ll be fine and I can perform quite well, even with my average stick. But I don’t trust my dick to keep on being hard without extensive hand stimulation; I’m afraid to go limp/being hurt when she touches it; I hate to disappoint, and since if I’m not hard I’m too small, I just get flat anyway. I also like being very dominant, and being hard as hell is part of the fantasy, for her too.

It’s twice I’m with an absolutely fine partner who’s very submissive and ready, and I realize my dick confidence is at an all-time low, my erections keep happening but don’t last, and I’m afraid of showing her a half-hard, slighlty below average penis that can’t be touched by anybody else than me. So I just avoid the sex altogether, saying I’m still sick (I am, but I should still be able to get hard for her).

I’m thinking rehab exercises, soft touches, pelvis muscle contractions, wanking standing up, and viagra. Any suggestions ? The issues is both psychological and physical, being touched isn’t pleasurable and that’s killing my mood.

I understand some of your pain. My suggestions;

  1. confirm with your doctor that there are no physical issues and whether you need viagra.
  2. work through the mojo program
  3. focus on the meditations. I found them to be a game changer.
  4. ignore women who are focused on your size. - they aren’t worth the trouble - and don’t k ow what they are talking about.