Remembering what it was like

Does anyone think so much and focus so much on ED that you forget what it was like when you didn’t struggle? I am constantly wondering if my girl was undressing in front of me would that make me hard instantly or did we need to fool around first? I’m getting better at not thinking so much and relaxing but now my GF seems to be so standoffish about starting anything. I know that I need someone who wants me to make it work and have success. Trying to tell her like hey turn me on don’t just sit their and will a hard on into existence. Struggle to have her want to do foreplay as she fears unfulfilled may happen and have me waiting for it so I can get turned on and hard


Apart from physical problems that at this point need their meds, it’s really just an overthinking cycle that gets stuck in your head, if you win it it all starts getting back to you, if you don’t have anything physical blocking you, like smoking or really bad health habits, you gotta believe that you can do it and just empty your mind in the moment, it worked for me, the moment you get back to the good feelings it all comes back like a thunderstrike


It can be difficult for gf’s. They can worry that they will make things awkward between you if they come on to you, it can be confusing for them. If you can try and keep communicating about things, sharing what you are learning. Great you are using Mojo and hopefully you will soon be feeling much more confident about things and she will too!

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