Remaining Sexually Active While Working Through Erection Issues

Afternoon All

I’m just wondering if anyone has any experiences or suggestions about remaining sexually active with my wife while working through erection, performance, and anxiety issues. She’s extremely understanding of the situation and is conveying patience with me, but I also know the solution isn’t to simply not have sex until I feel like I’m back in a comfortable mental place. Oral sex for both of us is still a thumbs up, but it is obviously not a replacement every time.

When we do engage in sex, and I let the anxiety take over, it feels like I’m always taking 2 steps back for every 1 step forward. Recently been introduced to this website and forum, so I’ll be reviewing a lot of the content and I’m sure there are suggestions somewhere here but thought it would be good to gauge with this forum as well.

take care

Its tough because we all want to be ‘fixed’ and ready before our next sexual encounter. Maybe this is possible but considering our ingrained mental state, will undoubtedly take a lot longer vs trying things with an understanding partner. Even better try with her as well as by yourself. I think the question is, what to try and are you willing to ask her to try these specific things? Maybe how long you presume your wife is willing to try excercises & if you can try to make them fun, might determine what you want to try.
Have a long think about what you think it is in your mind that might be causing your trouble, maybe write some notes down to make it more clear and this might help to use more appropriate excercises to resolve.
I am in a similar situation to you, with a willing partner but i feel her pateince is running low. I find it difficult to ask her to try things because of this and sometimes it can feel unsexy, boring or forced.
I think the next thing Im going to try is to take it slow, with both of us sitting together naked, with a lot of non sexual touching leading to some light sexual touching, trying not to think of the state of my penis if possible and enjoy whats going on and see where it goes from there. Go through the content on here and see/listen to what you feel might be most helpful for you and give it a go. I can also recommend a book called ‘the new male sexuality’ by Bernie Zilbergeld.


I feel you man…
Have you tried with a sex therapist? It could help. Have you tried some PDE5 inibitors? They should help also…

I am still at the beginning of this process. I sounds like you are doing some great things. I have discovered that emotional connection with my wife has been super helpful. I am trying to take the word work out of the process and focus on the experience, the connection. It has helped us to just be naked and together. Everybody is different but my wife loves sex and yet is happy with being pursued physically in other ways of touch and togetherness.