Recovering primal sexuality

When I was young I had an animalistic relationship with sex — the opposite of cerebral. For the last few years, performance anxiety (specifically around getting and staying hard) has been corrosive; I’m way more in my head than I used to be. So sex feels like a mental exercise now. Often I have to fantasize about something else to cum. I still love sex, am highly sexual, and conceptually understand that boners aren’t everything. But my inner critic still pipes up.

I’m hoping to take all the thinking and worry out of sex and recover that raw, primal relationship to it.


I’m 68 and about 5 months ago started dating a beautiful 42 year old woman that we have bonded with a cerebral intimate relationship. She is sexually available but I cannot get an erection when we’re together. I have had dreams about having sex with her and woke up with the biggest hard one I’ve had in years. So I’m pretty sure it’s not physical it’s mental. I haven’t had an erection on demand for about 3 years. Somehow I’ve got to get through this or she’ll find a younger guy for this

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