Random Premature Ejaculation

So mojo has really helped me get my mild mental ED under control. Got to a point where my partner and I were having sex 2-3 times a week.

After a weekend of a lot of great sex, 2 days later we were having sex and I came in 30 seconds, and it happened again a day later. Mind you this happened randomly, I wasn’t worried or stressed I just… I just came out of the blue.

Now I find myself stressing about cunning really fast. It happened when I was masturbating this week as well

My partner has their period so we haven’t had sex in about a week and I’m stressing about the next time we do.

I’ve never had this issue. Like I said I’ve had some mild ED issues but never premature ejaculation.

Any ideas on why this is happening?

I would first address your stress. What are you anxious and afraid of if you do cum early a third time? I’d recommend looking at that and love yourself there. You had some ups and now you are experiencing a perceived setback.

Does your partner know you are in the process of learning to having better PE and sex? Are they or you compassionate with your process?