Progress and setbacks

Joined Mojo after divorce and a couple bad sexual experiences. I’ve been making really good progress with my erections doing exercises like sensate and kegals and other early ones in the course. I’ve been getting stronger erections and better orgasms. I’m single at the moment, so all of this has been by myself. I did the penis root exercise for the first time today and tried to masturbarte after. I couldn’t really get so hard and orgasmed with a half hard penis. Felt like the progress I’ve made wasn’t there. Feels like a setback after getting really strong errections and orgasms the last few weeks. Have others experienced setbacks like this? Is it related to the penis root exercises? I was starting to feel a little more confident, but this exercize sort of threw me off… any experience out there from others?


I guess progress isn’t constant. It’s more like and up and down Progression if that makes sense to you.
I did another coaching for 3 months with lots of ups and downs but got good progress so my new normal on average is way better than before.
So my advise would be to see temporary „setbacks“ as part of your Progression and not as a failure or problem.

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Thanks for sharing, and this is probably a better way to look at it. Focused on one day the trend might look downward, but soon out over time it’s ticking toward an upward trend. I’m sort of new at this stuff so I don’t have much of a trend to look at. I appreciate your experience.